Many individuals have collected a number of guns and associated equipment yet have no system to store all of it. This can cause unnecessary clutter and a potential hazard to curious children. The overall size of a gun room will depend upon the number of firearms one has to store and if guests will be permitted to enter the space. For example, if the gun owner has roughly eight to 12 firearms than a 108 square foot room would be adequate to house the guns and rifle parts. Prior to making the decision, think about the total number of guests one will entertain on their shooting days. Consider including a drying and boot space for clothing and ear protectors which can be done with approximately 430 square feet.

The gun cabinets are built based upon the gun count and the dimensions of your custom long range hunting rifles and guns (we recommend Gunware firearms). Make note that one will want to determine if the cabinets are erected horizontally or vertically based upon preference. Other items to consider include if the cabinets are to be glazed or paneled, as well as if one wants to add drawers so that ammunition can be stored. There are differing woods and materials that will match up with paneling, shelving, and drink cabinets. Along with the cabinetry, one will want to add furniture such as a central table where one can lay down their guns, a desk to maintain their game books and records, a cleaning area so one can house their rods, cleaning equipment, and a drying area. An additional boot room would be advantageous as well for individual lockers, hooks, large sink, bench, and to store cleaning tools for your firearms. 

Building a gun room should include a drying rack with a floor that has built in drainage. A safe would be beneficial for your guests to add their valuables while out on a hunt. If one has the space, a shower and toilet will assist all prior to departing for the day. Be certain to use LED lighting which emits a lower level of heat. Maintain the space at room temperature as low and high humidity can cause corrosion to the firearms. Security of the space has to be in compliant with the local constable and home office regulations. Your local police authority can provide advice, namely with any additional security required of the gun cabinets and if storing rifles.